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(AHTS) Simulator course

Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) Simulator course

Course Objectives 
PAEN goal is to create the most genuine, practical, cost effective and user friendly teaching tools on the market. Our Offshore Simulation training makes it possible for the offshore industry to train and identify hazardous situations that cannot be trained onboard due to risk of injuring personnel or damaging equipment. The simulator recreates the bridge and deck of an anchor handling vessel working for an offshore oil rig, and this, in a lifelike conditions simulation. In addition with Anchor Handling operations, the simulator permits to set examples to a wide range of offshore operations, like towage as well as offshore supply operations. The simulator can also be programmed for training in emergency maneuvers, and this module is already planned for several training sessions. The simulator provides realistic behavior of the vessel, rig and surrounding vessels, the simulator also includes deck crew conducting deck tasks and controlled by the instructor.

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