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OSV Handling Course

 The safe handling of ships depends on many factors - on ship's maneuvering characteristics, human factor (operator experience and skill, his behavior in stressed situation, etc.), actual environmental conditions, and degree of water area restriction. Using the TRANSAS OSV Simulator trainees can use the built-in DP system and control the vessel with a joystick or with manual mode. The OSV Trainer includes an easy to use set of instructor tools to prepare and control maneuvering exercises, multi-party rig move operations and fine-tune ship maneuvering parameters. Using the TRANSAS OSV Simulator Instructor Station, an instructor can introduce a more severe sea state, increase the wind or set the current on the fly, during a training session. The vessel immediately responds to the changed conditions, and the trainee needs to take the appropriate actions to keep the vessel in position, or move out in case the position is not maintainable. During a training session, the instructor can introduce faults and failures of the propulsion system and the navigation equipment, teaching the trainee the correct incident procedures and operations. 

Course Objectives
This course aims at giving the trainees the basic skills and knowledge about OSV maneuvering close to any offshore installation. The OSV simulator allows officers and masters to experience and train the handling of OSVs with different types of propulsion systems during offshore operations. Those successfully completing the course should be Familiarized with the equipment, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on a OSV, have a greater awareness of the need of proper planning and an enhanced awareness to apply proper and safe procedures at all times. 
Course Content 
• Introduction 
• Rules and regulations
• Types of thrusters
• Pivoting point
• Safe maneuvering & operation 
• Types of operations 
• Assessment and discussion
• Practical practicing

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