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Bridge Team Management Course


This course focuses on positive attitude change that reduces management error. It enhances behavioral dynamics and team work between officers and engineers in the use and coordination of knowledge, experiences and available resources to achieve a high standard of safety at sea.

All Deck Officers and Engineers working as a team onboard ship would find this course extremely useful. Senior Officers and shore staff are also highly encouraged to attend this course in order to better understand the team dynamics of working together in the organization. Besides highly interactive classroom lectures, group workshops and practical case studies, there would also be simulator training exercises at the Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator throughout the whole course duration.(5 Days)

Course Content

This course comprises of the IMO Model Course 1.22 - Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork:

• Bridge Team Principles

• Principles of Ship Handling

• Collision Regulation

• Simulator Exercises covering familiarization in Open Sea

o Application of BTM principles during normal navigational watch keeping

o Application of Ship handling Skills (Effects of current, wind, shallow water effects)

o Navigational Watch Keeping Requirements

o Handling of Emergencies

o Application of Bridge Team Work Principles

o Simulator Exercises: Collision avoidance in difficult situations and traffic conditions and Application of Collision Avoidance

• Case Studies and Discussions

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