Pan Arab E-Navigation

Pan Arab E-Navigation

We Are Pan Arab E-Navigation (PAEN)

PAEN was established in January 2011 in Alexandria, Egypt. PAEN is the first Arabian DP Training Center in our region, which is administrated by a professional Arabian Staff and accredited By The Nautical Institute for Dynamic position training.

PAEN is specialized in providing the DP training services as one of the 60 worldwide approved training centers; the DP approval is given by only one organization in the world which is The Nautical Institute which is based in London.

The need for the DP system is increasing by the day as the drilling for oil and gas is going further offshore and into deep water where no jack up can operate as well as anchored rigs. As the number of DP operated units increased, training requirements had been developed by the Nautical Institute and have been followed since then.

We at the PAEN DP center provide a new vision of training under the accreditation of the Nautical Institute using the most advanced equipment; we are committed to quality when it comes to training in order to provide a high level of training services.