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DP Knowledge for Technical Course

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Following the 2010 Manila amendments to the STCW Convention and Code, The Nautical Institute (the NI) has implemented the following criteria for entry into the DP Operators training scheme: The minimum qualification is set at STCW Regulation II/1 ‐ II/2 ‐ II/3 Deck, Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 – III/6

Engine and Regulation III/6 for ETOs STCW DEFINITION
II/1 Deck Officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 GRT or more.
II/2 Deck Master or chief mate on ships of 3,000 GRT or more.
II/3 Deck Officers in charge of a navigational watch and Masters on ships of less than 500 GRT.
III/1 Engine Officers in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engine‐room or designated duty engineers in a periodically unmanned engine-room.
III/2 Engine Chief engineer officers and second engineer officers on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3,000kW propulsion power or more.
III/3 Engine Chief engineer officers and second engineer officers on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of between 750kW and 3,000kW propulsion power.
III/6 ETO Electro-Technical Officer

Officer trainees (Cadets or ratings on a defined training programme) Prospective Offshore DPOs on the new scheme who are in the process of training for an STCW certificate may complete the DP Induction Course (Phase A), the 60 DP sea time days (Phase B) and the DP Simulator Course (Phase C). The remaining 60 DP sea time days (Phase D) and the subsequent suitability sign-off (Phase E) shall only be completed after they hold an appropriate STCW Certificate of Competency. Candidates who completed Phase B when they were a Cadet are not allowed to claim for STR in Phase D of the training scheme and must complete a minimum of 60 DP sea time days in Phase D. These rules are effective from 1st January 2015 and reflect changes introduced from 1st January 2016 and apply to those who have already commenced training on the new scheme as well as new starters. The time permitted to complete the training scheme for those who commenced the Induction Course after 1st January 2015 is four years.

Center’s Cancellation Policy

  • Full payment for all training activities must be received 7 working days prior to the commencement of the course via bank transfer or cash
  • Pan Arab E-Navigation Offshore Training center reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses within 7 days’ notice. In the event of such cancellation, registrants can opt to have all pre-paid fees refunded in full or credited towards the next available course
  • In the event of customer cancellation, course fees shall be refunded in full provided at least 7 days’ notice is given prior to course commencement. In case that the trainee didn't show up during the course time interval, he will be charged for USD 100 (1800 EGP)