DP Promotion maneuvering and Analysis test

In order to promote 2nd officer, Chief and Master, they have to attend at PEAN Promotion maneuvering and Analysis test.
Therefore the trainee’s company will receive documented report manifesting his experience.

DP related accident investigation services

The true benefit from a proper investigation of any accidents is to identify the root causes of this accident in order to implement prevention actions that will prevent reoccurrences.
A DP related accident may have a lot unidentified root causes that might not be apparent for the inexperienced.
We offer a comprehensive accident investigation service done by well-experienced and educated personnel to make sure that all of the root causes had been identified, also to suggest the proper prevention actions.

Onboard training for the existing DPOs

DPOs working on board different vessels certainly need an information update or refreshment for the knowledge they already have but they didn’t face yet.
Onboard training is an efficient way to refresh the DPOs knowledge and to keep them updated with the latest technology, rules, guidance and regulations.
Onboard training is also useful when a DPO will newly work on a system that he didn’t operate before

Onboard assessment for existing DPO's

Achieving the DPO certificate doesn't necessarily mean that the DPO has what it takes to act safely and to operate the DP system efficiently.
Assessing the DPO during operation is an efficient way to determine the level of experience that the DPO has, also to determine the common mistakes in operating DP system and correct them.
The assessment is done by a competent assessor certified from the Scottish qualification authority

Online Certification Process

Get your documents certified from the relating international authorities by the help of EN's professional administrative team

Extra Simulator Hands on Experience

Enjoy our extra simulator training service available all working days for reasonable fees with the help of EN's profeesional training staff

Recruitment and Assessment Service

E-Navigation triggers a brand new service to help its clients hit their career targets. Just fill in and submit EN's qualification and experience application free and will help you get there