DP Knowledge for Technical Staff

DP Knowledge for Technical Staff

Aims, Objectives, and Competencies



To give the student the following:


  • Understanding of the theoretical and practical operation of DP systems;
  • Technical understanding of the component parts of the DP and associated systems;
  • An understanding of the limitations of equipment and the effects of equipment failures;
  • An understanding of the limitations and the effects of incorrect operation of the systems;
  • An understanding of work which can safely be undertaken with and without the help of equipment manufacturers, and more importantly, when to stop before affecting the vessels capability to perform DP operations or redundancy;
  • The ability to fault find the DP system and its components;
  • Familiarisation with FMEAs and the philosophy of system redundancy;
  • An improved ability to operate the Engine Room and DP equipment in a safe and competent manner



Part A

  • Part A shall be a minimum duration of four days with a minimum of 28 hours instruction, simulator time and assessments.
  • Part A is generic training and may be delivered by any training centre approved to do so by the NI.
  • The required course content for Part A is shown in an outline below and in more detail in Appendix A.



Course Objectives:


The general course content and competencies comprises of the following outline:


  • General Overview of DP
  • The Power System
  • The Thruster System
  • Control Systems and Sensors
  • Documentation
  • DP Operation and effects on DP system
  • Lessons Learned