DP training courses

DP training courses

DP Induction Course

At the end of the course the student should have acquired knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning, be able to set up a dynamic positioning system and have an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems.

DP Simulator course

By the end of the course the student should have a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. He/ She should be capable of planning and conducting any DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and assessment of vessel capability.

DP Technical and Maintenance Course

The course is designed for Marine Engineers, Electro-Technical Officers, Marine Electricians and Shore-based Technical Managers with responsibilities of maintaining systems onboard dynamically positioned vessels and as per new requirement should be specific.

DP Awareness Course

The course professionally designed to fill the gap between the onshore and the offshore staff regarding Dynamic Positioning operation and its impacts. By assist the onshore personnel or management to be able to understand the principles of the DP system and identify the various types of operations conducted by DP as well as the famous failures of DP system and their consequences.