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12 July

first Offshore Marine Training Centre in Egypt

PAN ARAB E-NAVIGATION has initiated to be the first Dynamic Positioning Training Centre in Egypt. Recently, we have developed & updated our mission to expand the area of our specialties.
Now PAEN is the first Offshore Marine Training Centre in Egypt. We provide a new concept of training and high Tec simulation facilities applying international training standards.
We proudly announce the commencement of our new courses that we exclusively offer in the entire region.
These courses are Anchor Handling Training course, Towing Training course and OSV Handling Training course (Offshore Supply Vessel Handling). We are starting in July, check out the details and increase your career opportunities.

12 July

Special Courses Offer

from the 7th of June 2012 to the 7th of July 2012
• Apply for DP Basic course and Advanced course for only 2885 USD instead of 3800 USD
• Apply for DP Basic course and Anchor Handling course for only 3380 USD instead of 4830 USD
• Apply for Towing course for only 1360 USD
• Apply for OSV Handling course for only 1360 USD
In order to benefit from this offer, you have to reserve for the course during this interval, and then you can attend the course whenever you are ready.