The DP Vessel Maintainer Course (DPVM)

The DP Vessel Maintainer Course (DPVM)

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The course is designed to provide technical Staff with the knowledge required to understand the redundancy concept for DP operations.
scheme was developed based on feedback from the Industry, Students that have taken the DP Knowledge for Technical Staff course and the NI Instructors that conducted the course.
The scheme consists of:
• A training center course based on the NI DP knowledge for Technical staff that has been refined after feedback.
• The NI Online exam, which was part of the course, with additional questions.
• A requirement for onboard DP seatime.
The course is conducted over five days with a minimum of 34 hours which include theory instructions, practical exercises and practical exam and online exam
Part 2: DP Sea Time onboard active DP vessel and Task section of NI DPVM Logbook
Total days: 26 sea time days Onboard DP Class Vessel
Minimum days on DP: 7 days (2 hours operation per day)
Completing Task Sections.
Part 3: Statement of Suitability
Statement of Suitability (To be signed by both the Master and Chief Engineer).
• When applying and submitting documents to The Nautical Institute (the NI), ALL components of the programme (shore‐based courses, DP sea time, task sections, Statement of Suitability form and other elements) must have been completed within the previous two years. In the event any of training phases fall outside of the two-year validity period, the trainee will be required to repeat the expired training phase.
• Trainee DP Vessel Maintainer is required to apply online to gain the full DP maintenance certificate valid for 5 years.