The mission of our Establishment is to ensure that we  provide  professional pilotage services to ports and terminals , and that the service will be carried out in accordance with the legislation with utmost efforts to ensure the safety of life, property and maritime environment.

We provide essential pilotage services in the middle east ,the Arabian Gulf and Africa.

Our pilots undergo a structured and comprehensive in-house training programme before they attain their responsibilities and commands.

With the aid of our training center and it’s integrated IT systems , our  pilots are able to obtain real-time critical information on-the-go, and can readily provide ship masters with advice to navigate their vessels efficiently and safely in any port waters , from handy size  vessels , LPGc ,LNGc  to VLCCs & ULCCs.

Our pilots are vastly experienced in LNG , LPG (alongside)and offshore crude oil (SBM)  mooring operations.

We Pilots at  “MOORING EXPO”  pledge that:

We will always safeguard the interests of the client , the Port, our stakeholders and the maritime environment.

We will always uphold the highest standards of pilotage service and carry our duties in a Safe, Professional, Reliable and Efficient manner.

Together, we will work in unison, supporting one another to achieve Total Excellence.

With our free will and honour, we make this pledge.

“Mooring Expo” is a subsidiary company from Pan Arab , based in Alexandria , Egypt.


We are a subsidiary company from the mother company Pan Arab , we provide essential pilotage services in the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and Africa , with a team of highly experienced Pilots and Mooring Masters