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DP System

PAEN is privileged with the integration of TRANSAS Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 (NTPro5000) Simulator in 2012. TRANSAS Navigational Simulator focuses on providing key elements with new features to support specialized applications. Our new installation allows operating on DP2 vessel with a highly realistic visualization of 120° front view and 30° aft view. It also includes an anchor handling station that allows a wide range of marine offshore operations as for AH, towing and DSV. PAEN stands ahead in the entire African region regarding the anchor handling simulator training.

MLC Manning Agency

PAEN has attained the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2013) accreditation, as well as being involved in the offshore marine consultancy and evaluation sector.

It is a manning center for all ranks and specializations of the offshore field, and the highly qualified candidates are selected according to their efficiency.


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History of DP System

The need for the DP system is increasing by the day as the drilling for oil and gas is going further offshore and into deep water where no jack up can operate as well as anchored rigs. As the number of DP operated units increased, training requirements had been developed by the Nautical Institute and have been followed since then.

The DP was initialy used in the USA in the Moho project onboard the drilling vessel "Cuss 1" in the 1960's, after proven efficient many companies started to demand it and as a result several manufacturers started to develop the system to be more usable and accurate.

We at the E-Navigation DP center provide a new vision of training under the accreditation of the Nautical Institute using the most advanced equipment; we are committed to quality when it comes to training in order to provide a high level of training services.