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IMCA Membership

Renewal of the IMCA Membership. We very much look forward to continued membership and engagement with IMCA on important industry matters.

September 2022

NI audit sep 2022

The latest audit with Capt. Qasim Masood head of marine and offshore qualifications at the Nautical Institute on September 2022.

new courses accreditation

Pan Arab E-Navigation passed the NI reaccreditation with a High level of preparation and proficiency Pan Arab E-Navigation Added to the list of Approved NI courses: 1- DP Sea time reduction course: with this course, the DPOs can gain 30 days onboard DP 2 vessel from Pan Arab E-Navigation. 2- DP Revalidation course: with this course, the DPOs who failed in gaining 150 days within 5 years after the DP certificate, can revalidate their certificate 3 - DP refresher and assessment course: for Companies to assess their DPOs and make sure that they meet the NI and industry standards level

August 2022

What is a Dynamic Positioning Ship?

A Dynamic Positioning Ship is very helpful in monitoring the natural occurrences that take place offshore and aids in ships to maintain its position in the deep sea by pinpointing about the wind and the wave data which would otherwise make a ship lose control and veer off its course. Through Dynamic Positioning, a ship does not require the usage of anchors to maintain its course in the deep waters and thus can carry out its main purpose well. Ships with dynamic positioning system are known as dynamic positioning ships. Why is Dynamic Positioning Used? Dynamic Positioning is generally used in research ships and drilling vessels which have to venture into the deepest parts of the ocean and sea where winds and waves tend to be perpetually altering. In situations like this, it could prove very tedious for a ship’s crew to lay the anchors. A ship enabled with Dynamic Positioning can get to know about the changes in the wind and the waves and thus alter its course suitably without having to compromise on its main purpose.

March 2022

February 2021

NI Logbook available

Pan Arab E-Navigation is always keen to provide all that is new, whether it is training or credits for the benefit of Egyptian and foreign naval officers and engineers. In the interest of excellence, excellence and advancement always obtain Accreditation by the British Nautical Institute to teach and approve courses for devices to maintain the dynamic position for officers and engineers working in the field of maritime transport, especially the offshore field.