Bridge Resource Management (BRM)

Course Description:

Bridge Resource Management is the effective management and utilization of all resources, human and technical, available to the Bridge Team to ensure the safe completion of the vessel’s voyage.

BRM focuses on bridge officers’ skills such as teamwork, teambuilding, communication, leadership, decision-making and resource management and incorporates this into the larger picture of organizational and regulatory management

BRM addresses the management of operational tasks, as well as stress, attitudes and risk.

BRM recognizes there are many elements of job effectiveness and safety, such as individual, organizational, and regulatory factors, and they must be anticipated and planned for.

When BRM is practiced correctly onboard the result should be a Bridge Team that:

Maintains its situational awareness

Continually monitors the progress of the vessel making appropriate adjustments and corrections as necessary to maintain a safe passage;

Acquires relevant information early;

Appropriately delegates workload and authority;

Anticipates dangerous situations;

Avoids becoming pre-occupied with minor technical problems and losing sight of the big picture;

Undertakes appropriate contingency plans when called for;

Recognizes the development of an error chain; and

Takes appropriate action to break the error-chain sequence.


Entry Requirements:

Passport, Seaman, COC


5 Days


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